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Over 2000 Train travellers have boarded Nairobi Mombasa-Nairobi train with Africavoyager safaris for last 10 years

Your Great Kenya Train adventure safari Journey of African experience

Nairobi Train station
Available Passenger Train Services between Nairobi Mombasa
The most scenic way to travel to Kenya’s Coast through Tsavo N


ational park,Dinner,breakfast on the vehicle cabin,a great and Relaxed view of the coastal approach!!! “The Iron snake of Africa”

Departure Time
Arrival Time
Nairobi 19.00 Hrs Mombasa 08.30 Hrs following day Every Monday Wednesday and Friday
Mombasa 19.00 Hrs Nairobi 09.00 Hrs following Day Every Tuesday Thursday and Sunday

Over 3,000 Train adventure clients travel with us in a year!!!

Departure Time
Arrival Time
Nairobi 19.00 Hrs Mombasa 10:00 Hrs following day Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Mombasa 19.00 Hrs Nairobi 10.00 Hrs following Day Every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday
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Book Train Mombasa -Nairobi
Book Return Ticket Nairobi – Mombasa – Nairobi Train or Vise Versa
Book Train Nairobi – Kisumu

Departs Only on Friday

Book Train Kisumu – Nairobi

Departs on Sundays

Book Return Train Ticket Nairobi -Kisumu- Nairobi or Vise Versa

Train Check in Time- We recommend from 6pm (if you have the train tickets)

Fares: One Way

First Class:65 USD One Way per person Sharing(Adult) Two beds with a toilet and a sink.Price includes Dinner, bed and brekfast 
(NEW Rates
Rates are subject to change without prior noticekenya train services








First Class: Child 3-11yrs 45 USD One Way

Second Class54 USD One Way Per person Sharing.
Four beds with a toilet and a sink.Price includes bed and brekfast (NEW RatesRates are subject to change without prior notice

Second Class: Child 3-11yrs 34 USD One Way
Meals (Dinner /Breakfast) and Beddings are inclusive on first and second class only

Kenya Railways for has no gurantee for non paid seats .please bear with us we have tried to book as to pay direct to railway station but has not worked.

Price will be 1st class Total = 65US$ Second class 54 USD

Kindly note payment by credit card includes 5 % bank charges.Any refund will also be have a cancellation of 5% of the amount paid.
There is no surcharge while paying online with credit card or hidden costs
Payment by card should be 14 days prior to travel date

We offer airport transfers for 20 USD for 1-3 pax and 40 USD for 4-9 Pax.
Kindly advise flight details.

The night train Mombasa-Nairobi -Mombasa is the best regular train in entire Africa. Well maintained, safe sleeping compartments, three-course dinner and English breakfast. Higly recommended. Try The sleeper train Journey which is Easy,comfortable at the lowest fares in East Africa Rail Travel.